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Geography & Climate

Geography & Climate

About Sierra Leone

Geography &

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Sierra Leone has a tropical climate and is characterized principally by two seasons: the rainy and dry seasons. The rainy season commences in May and ends in October, while the dry season is between November and April. Conditions are generally hot and humid almost all year round. Between February and April it is very hot and dry, although the coastal areas are cooled by sea breezes. In December, January and February the dry harmattan wind blows from the Sahara. Rainfall can be torrential during the rainy season, between May and November.
The country has four distinct geographical regions; the Coastal Swamp , the Sierra Leone Peninsular, the Interior Plains and the Interior Plateau and Mountain region. In eastern Sierra Leone, is the interior region of large plateaus interspersed with high mountains, in the south, is the upper part of the drainage basin of the Moa River. The central part of the country consists of the low land plain region that contains forests, bushes and farmland which occupies about 43% of Sierra Leone ‘s land area, while the coastline stretches 300 miles , giving it both bountiful and marine resources and attractive tourist potential. The country has nine (9) major and three (3) minor perennial rivers.